Not just the promotion of a car photographer, but the whole marketing plan, brand identity and market study for a project that wants to go beyond just photography.

Project Brief

Manuel is a good friend of mine, and he has been planning his entry into the world of advertising for years. We share a passion for cars, and we finally found an opportunity to collaborate on this project. The idea was to create a modern, appealing brand that reflected our ambitions of creating a community, merchandising in the future and a real business based on our love of motors.

Marketing Strategy


The name ‘shift-up’ is an invitation that can be seen from many points of view. When I chose to propose it, I saw many opportunities, including the possibility of bringing many people together and allowing the business to be multidisciplinary in the automotive field.


The site is dynamic, modern, its target audience is car enthusiasts from all over Italy, and it is in fact the photos taken by Manuel that are the protagonists. Along with the photos, the idea is to launch a blog, because after all, the real protagonists of his shots are the stories of the cars and their owners.

Social media

For social posting and management we collaborate assiduously. The advertising budget for now is not enough, but the collaborative posts helps a lot and allow us to expand the audience of the posts with each shot.


Such a memorable name, to stick in the minds of potential customers, needed a primarily textual logo. With its bright yellow and the contrast between black and white depending on the medium, it is a concentrate of racing references, sportiness and creativity.


Client: Manuel Borea

Time: June2023

Category: Brand design, web design, social media management