Sardegna in Giardinetta

The Schirru family’s Giardinetta is ready to hit the road again, and accompany its guests through the secrets and traditions of the Sarcidano, a historical area of the Sardinian hinterland.

Project Brief

The restoration of the Schirru family’s Giardinetta is complete, and Paolo has decided to share a Dolce Vita tour with the guests of his B&b Sa Pardina, and anyone else who might like it.
The tours focus on the streets of the most evocative places of the Sardinian summer, including Villasimius and Arbatax, while for the winter they return to Orroli, amidst nuraghi and spectacular lake views.

Marketing Strategy

Booking channels

After extensive research, we found that there are no monopolising platforms for booking and enjoying guided tours of this kind.
The platform has to be created from scratch, and to test the idea we focused on a shared management between Woocommerce and Amelia.

The test was unsuccessful for various reasons, including the poor availability of a newly created site, so we decided to rely on Viator, the well-known platform linked directly with Trip Advisor.


As you well know, tackling a restoration is no small expense. Over the years Paolo has tackled it all on his own and has requested a small amount of money through crowdfunding to complete the work.
This operation allowed us to test the interest of customers, test the subject and give a highly emotional imprint to all communication.

Social media

Paolo documented the entire restoration, from finding his grandfather’s car to putting it on the road. It came natural to us to want to tell the story.
His story drove the first few weeks of publications, with subscriptions to trade groups and excellent results in terms of the B&b’s loyal audience.

Since the restoration has been completed, we have been devoting ourselves to a highly emotional telling of the story of the Giardinetta, Paolo and his family, with the aim of selling an emotion and not just a tour among the secrets of the Sardinian hinterland.


La Giardinetta in itself has an unmistakable style, it tells of families, work, history, a past and a time of rebirth for the whole world. With the illustrations I wanted to emphasise its characteristic features, in a mix of the magical places of tourist Sardinia and the Orrolese hinterland so dear to Paolo. The idea of the Polaroid helped me emphasise this union also conceptually, in fact I tried to connect the two worlds through shapes and colours, finding a good balance in all senses.

On the visual side, the combination of Polaroid style and references to the Dolce Vita gave rise to a characterising image that allowed us to transport the idea offline.
In fact, a camera will be available to capture the moment and take home a beautiful memory to cherish.


Client: Paolo Schirru

Time: From 2022

Category: Branding, web design, social media management