Fuori di zukka

A new visual identity for the gourmet pizzeria at the centre of Cagliari’s nightlife.

Project Brief

Fuori di Zukka is a well-known pizzeria based in the centre of Cagliari’s nightlife, located right in Piazza Yenne. Its image was in need of a refresh, for with the arrival of so many new competitors, it was essential to have its uniqueness recognised and to give prestige to the pizzeria.


For the logo, after several proposals, the most minimal and conservative option was chosen. In fact, the naming leaves no doubt and allows it to imprint itself more easily in the collective imagination.

The real challenge was the design of the menu: to fit every possible variant, ingredient and addition into a single panel, making the idea of being able to compose a personalised pizza as simple as possible, highlighting the options by category.

The illustrations are all original, in fact every element has been digitally illustrated. The style is deliberately simple and playful, for a quick and convenient meal that can also be eaten on the go.


Client: Andrea Zucca

Time: September, 2020

Category: Branding, menù design