A collection of illustrations dedicated to the world of JDM.

Project Brief

I am a big fan of cars, especially Japanese and Italian ones, and this personal project led me to select my favourites. Among the iconic Nissan Skyline and Subaru Impreza B22 there is also room for the small keycars from Autozam and Honda.


The choice of the colour palette was aimed at the combination of bright colours, with a maximum of 3 shades, few variations and contrasting colour combinations. The realisation of the illustrations is on 3 levels, I started by drawing the distinguishing marks, then moved on to the shade variations and finally the colouring. This type of illustration is part of my background, in fact the process is the same as when I create illustrations by hand, on paper and with my faithful markers.


Personal Project

Time: May, 2020

Category: Illustration