Arcobaleno Villasimius

Two new family holiday homes in Villasimius, 5 minutes from the most beautiful beaches in South Sardinia.

Project Brief

When Daniele decided to rent out his two villas during the summer seasons in Villasimius, he immediately noticed that a good percentage of his profits ended up in royalties to Booking and AirBnb.

Therefore, his first goal is to untie himself at least partially from these platforms.

This is an example of what can be done with lots of ideas and little budget, the results have been great and with a few small upgrades each year we will achieve great results.

Marketing Strategy

Business accounts

Booking and AirBnb are the undisputed leaders in the industry also in terms of SEO positioning.
I spotted an opportunity to still appear on the first page by flagging the business on Google Maps with a profile containing all the necessary information.

Website & SEO

The site, especially in the last year – the project has in fact been going on for two – has performed very well in terms of visits and interactions.
If we take into account that we have not invested in sponsorship and adv, the data are even more relevant, and make us realise how crucial SEO is still in 2023.

Social Media

The social media strategy, having no particularly valuable content to communicate, has been structured to use the platforms as a showcase and to follow up on what is shown on the site.

In the past year alone, through reels and trying to increase interactions, we are increasing followers, and interest is at a good level. A little more information about the tourist resort and contact information is provided to give tourists added value while staying at the resort.


The main target audience is families, also with children, who are looking for a point of reference in their accommodation that makes them feel at home.
In terms of graphics, since this is not the main focus and there is no need to impress or have a memorable brand, the focus is on lightness, naming and a few details of the structure.


Client: Daniele Deplano

Time: From 2021

Category: Web design, marketing strategy, social media management